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SARAH'S BAG Reshaping its digital presence!



Sarah’s Bag is a Lebanese fashion house and social enterprise that creates one-of-a-kind luxury handcrafted bags and accessories that empower both the women who make them and the women who wear them.

What we did:
Coperon assisted Sarah’s Bag team in the development of their eCommerce platform. The activities covered the implementation of a custom design, advice on the organization of the online catalog, products information enrichment and the integration of online payment. Considering that the application of a Digital Strategy is an essential key to success in online sales, Coperon assesses regularly the site activity with an objective to improve the sales; users’ behavior was shared with Sarah’s Marketing team and the website was adapted accordingly. Coperon coaches and assists the Marketing team in the optimization of their digital marketing strategy and the re-alignment of the strategy. 

The outcome:
From the days the site went live, Sarah’s bag witnessed a sustained growth of its market reach. The robustness of the platform, the quality of the website content and the adoption of a multi-channel marketing strategy maximized the opportunities that concretized into an increase of Sarah’s bag sales. 

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