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The story of a single vineyard

Company profile

Born from history and raised by tradition, Latourba is a haven for the soul and a gateway into the earth’s secrets. As artisanal methods blend with viticulture and historical knowledge to craft a wine like no other, Latourba’s single vineyard offers its visitors a lot more than wine to quench their thirst; it brings the earth’s spirit to life, giving it taste, texture and a rich palette of color, inviting anyone to return to nature’s serene and warm embrace.

Business situation: The requirements
Create an online presence for the brand: Setup and activate all social media networks.

Project objectives

- Establish an online presence 
- Increase exposure to the social media pages
- Increase engagement with followers and potential clients

Coperon solutions & services

- Channels update
- Community management
- Monitor and review the strategy results
- Content creation and execution

Global benefits achieved

- Brand exposure established and maintained
- Coherent brand voice tone on all networks
- Online campaigns launched
- Strategy to reach local and international audiences in different markets