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Company profile
PROLICHT is a globally successful manufacturer of architectural lighting and lighting concepts with its headquarters in Neu-Götzens / Tyrol. Committed to this origin - the mountain demands and promotes camaraderie and respect.

Project objectives

- Provide enriched product information to Prolicht clients and distributors
- Faciliate product search to assist catalog visitors in finding the right product to their applications
- Provide the possibility to generate online technical spec sheets that reflect the latest change.

Coperon solutions & services

- Design of a products database that reflects best Prolicht rich information
- Enrich the compete database with the latest products information based on Prolicht's latest catalogs
- Develop a complete online catalog that proposes different search patterns to respond to the variety and expectations of Prolicht clients and distributors.

Global benefits achieved

- A dynamic online catalog reflecting the latest product updates in multi-language
- A parameterized search for a guided and optimized navigation that assist site visitors to get to the right product for their application
- A rich product data sheet that includes a maximum of product properties, images and attachments
- A possibility to compare similar products side by side and identify the differences.