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The Light Avenue

by Debbas

Company profile
For more than a century, Debbas has been proposing innovative lighting solutions, offering reputable European & American lighting products. 

With the introduction of its new brand, The Light Avenue, Debbas launched one of the first specialized lighting e-shops in the Middle East, designed and enriched to make sure that clients will experience online the same shopping satisfaction.

What we did:

Coperon was chosen by Debbas for its proven experience in providing online catalogs for the lighting companies. The e-Commerce platform was deployed as a backend and configured to handle the specificities of the lighting fixtures. Comprehensive properties were selected to help narrow the results and assist the online clients into getting to the right products. A payment platform was integrated to complete the sales cycle. More than 1000 products references were enriched with their complete technical information. 

The outcome:

From the days the site went live, Debbas witnessed a sustained growth of the website audience that concretizes into new sales opportunities. A digital marketing campaign will be set soon to improve the global reach of the online brand and penetrate new territories. More brands and products will be added permanently to expand the choices offered to clients.