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What is Social Selling and why should your company care?

february 2022social media


You've probably heard a lot about social selling this past year.

With over 3.6 billion people on social media platforms currently and an expectation of over 4.4 billion people by 2025. Ultimately, social selling will become a substantial part of any sales strategy in the coming years.

While many believe that social selling is selling products and services on social media, it is not. Nor is it social media marketing or social media advertising. It is not about pushing a product or a service on social media.

So, what exactly is social selling?
If you’re present and engaging on social media platforms, then you’re already practicing the basics of social selling.
Simply, social selling is researching prospects and potential customers and then connecting with them on social media to create a relationship.
Basically, social selling is the 21st century's version of cold calling.

The key is to connect with and attract the right leads to reach your sales goals through meaningful and valuable content and interactions.

So, why should you care about social selling?
Although social selling does not guarantee quick sales such as social media ads, it helps build loyal and trusted relationships with potential customers which will help you stay top of mind.
Today, in this highly competitive business world, it is tough to stand out. Businesses should leverage every tool they can to be able to withstand the competition.
And, what better way to stand out than finding your prospect, understanding their need, and providing the solution exactly when the time is right. Succeeding in this practice will inevitably help you establish trust and build loyal relationships that lead to profitable long-term clients.
Social media platforms have now become search engines where people go to find and research brands, companies, and products and compare them. This means, that potential customers are ready and willing to buy through social platforms.
Being present and engaging with your leads will give your business the credibility it needed to drive sales through those platforms.
At the end of the day, social selling is about humanizing your company and having honest interactions with your prospects by providing them valuable content or a solution to their problem.

How to leverage social selling effectively?
First, in order to find the right prospect, you should know your audience. What are they talking about? What do they need? Where are they most present? Are they interacting with your competitors? Did they have a good experience with them?
The list of questions could go on and on, but ultimately, having a clear image of who your perfect client is will help you know where to look for your prospects and engage with them.

Second, investing time and resources into content marketing can really tip the scale in your favor.
Think about it, at this moment any of your competitors could be social selling and engaging with prospects that could be yours. But, grabbing the attention of your buyer by providing great value and relatable content will get you the sale. Your content is what gives you credibility and helps the buyer measure your knowledge, expertise, and your ability to provide a solution for them.
Your content will help you achieve the positioning you want in the mind of your potential customers.

Today, it is essential to meet customers where they are and at the right time. Whether by joining online communities, using social listening tools, investing in tools such as LinkedIn's Sales Navigator, social selling helps you connect with your audience, allowing you to establish a personal relationship built on trust and value without pushing a product.
If you haven't tried social selling yet, Coperon is here to help you establish a new digital presence and help build your brand image online.

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