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Arak Brun

World’s most famous arak

Company profile
Produced from the alcohol of grapes and blended with fresh anise all selected with great care, Arak Brun is the world’s most famous arak.

Business situation: The requirements
Create an online presence for the brand: Setup and activate all social media networks.

Project objectives

- Establish an online presence
- Increase exposure to the social media pages
- Increase engagement with followers and potential clients

Coperon solutions & services

- Channels creation
- Community management
- Monitor and review the strategy results

Global benefits achieved

- Brand exposure established and maintained
- Coherent brand voice tone on all networks
- Online campaigns launched
- The campaign "Lebnen elo ta3mme" 2016/2017 won among the top 10 local campaigns based on industry votes.

arak brun

We really enjoy working with Coperon's team, as they are very professional and always available and responsive!

Faouzi Issa

Winemaker – Managing director