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Lucitalia adopts iPartner Product Suite



Lucitalia launched its new website and online catalog using Coperon Technologies software solutions and services. Based on a design provided by Lucitalia, Coperon developed the corporate website and integrated its online catalog solution to provide Lucitalia visitors with flexible and advanced navigation tools.


Coperon deployed its catalog management software, iPartner Product Suite, to support the corporate website and online product catalog. Products technical information was entered in Coperon’s Product Information Management solution, the Data Manager, in five languages by Coperon Content Team. Besides corporate information, Lucitalia website integrates latest information about the lighting fixtures and offers different navigation possibilities.

Building on its experience in managing similar projects, Coperon was capable to deliver the work in less than three months.


About Lucitalia

LUCI illuminazione d’interni (indoor lighting)” was founded in 1966 and quickly became one of the most original and innovative manufacturers of modern design products. LUCI’s notoriety raised to an International level with the creation of the Kandido table lamp in 1983 designed in collaboration with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

The list of prestigious designers who have collaborated with LUCI in its continual search for innovative designs include: Gianfranco Frattini with Abele, Adonis, Caltha, Ignazio; Toshiyuki Kita with Tomo, Giugiaro Design with Poe and Lucifaro, Rodolfo Bonetto with Rio, Flu and Todo.

Over the years LUCITALIA evolved never losing its strong identity as a producer of high quality decorative modern design products which are functional and respect safety norms. LUCITALIA’ collection has been developed with names such as Carlo Forcolini & Giancarlo Fassina with Larossa, Ikaru Mori with Adam, Fabio Princivalle with KM, Serge & Robert Cornelissen with Mono, Queen, Gabi Peretto with Ketamina, Diamond, Montenapoleone which created popular and successful items rounding out the LUCITALIA collection.

To know more about Lucitalia, visit www.lucitalia.it

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