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Nada Ghazal Sells Online!



Nada Ghazal creates timeless fine jewelry with an edge, handcrafted in gold and adorned with precious and semi-precious gems. Each jewel echoes a different sense of emotion, celebrating what it means to be a woman. 

To showcase her products to clients worldwide and expand her market reach, Nada Ghazal was convinced that e-commerce represents the most appropriate channel to share her creations. However, Nada Ghazal was confronted with the challenge of communicating online the same experience her clients feel when visiting her points of sale. 
In close collaboration with its graphic designer and Nada’s guidance, Coperon developed the eCommerce platform, to include all the creations, while recreating a meaningful user experience for clients to shop easily.
Nada Ghazal’s marketing team was trained on the usage of the content management solution, required for the update of the eCommerce platform and tracking of the online sales.

Collaboration did not stop there since this was more considered as a first experience, several brain-storming sessions led to the launch of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activity with a social media consultation. A global digital strategy was set, implemented and monitored by Coperon to ensure the best representation of Nada Ghazal’s online.


  • Reflect on Nada Ghazal website, focusing on the emotions that drive the brand and its products,
  • Improve the brand exposure to expand the market reach,
  • Ensure the best user experience for clients to shop the latest designs.


  • Deployment of an eCommerce platform, to manage the products catalog and cover the complete sales cycle,
  • Training of the marketing team on the usage and monitoring of the eCommerce platform,
  • Analysis of the brand presence online and implementation of an SEO strategy.


It’s been a great pleasure working with Coperon. Their know-how has put me at so much ease, and their team has been amazing! I feel they are a partner rather than a supplier.

– Nada Ghazal, Founder and creative director



  • More than 20 years of proven international experience in the implementation of online catalogs and eCommerce platforms,
  • Readiness to customize the delivered solution to cope with clients specific needs,
  • Full provision of the required services needed to successfully achieve an online sales strategy.

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