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Sonepar Italia

Distribuzione di Materiale Elettrico e Illuminotecnica

Sonepar Group is a leading European B-to-B distributor of electrical products, solutions and related services. Sonepar launched few years ago a corporate project to digitalize and classify electrical products based on the ETIM standards, using a centralized application and database.
Coperon mobilized its content services team and supported three entities of the Group, Italy, France & Canada. Tens of thousands of references were enriched to date for Sonepar.

Through 170 operating companies with 2,800 branches and 1,000 on-site customer branches, Sonepar Group has developed an offer that addresses national market needs in 44 countries. In 2018, Sonepar achieved sales for €22.4 billion. To know more about Sonepar click here.

Why Coperon Technologies?

Manufacturers and retailers permanently face an overwhelming challenge in managing their product data. With limited resources, they are required to maintain complex databases with technical data, images, drawings and an array of related documents to keep their databases, online catalogs and eCommerce platforms up to date.
Coperon Technologies data entry services rely on an experienced team that handled throughout the years, hundreds of thousands of references, for different industries committed to deliver the required quality in the shortest delays.

Customized services to meet your needs

Coperon practical experience led us adopt a flexible approach that meets the context and requirements of every single client. Whether data is provided as paper catalogs, or in any type of electronic document, Coperon Data Entry team can handle the data to re-enter it in the required data structure.
If you need to be in control of the data entry process, Coperon Data Entry team can even work directly on your systems to enrich and complete the data. You will be able to monitor our work, measure progress and validate immediately the work achieved.
By end, each data entry project is different and that makes your project unique.

Our Advantages

• Experienced Data Entry personnel
• Ability to handle any size of job and to scale up the team for larger projects
• Competitive pricing
• Respect of agreed delays for project finalization
• Knowledge of European languages


Coperon is the perfect partner for Sonepar Italy to classify and enrich our electronic catalogue of lighting products. They always guarantee good quality of data and respect for deadlines.

Claudio Vecchiato

Responsible for digital applications