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VICE launches its online product configurator

FEB, 2020configurator


VICE is specialized in the design and development of linear lighting solutions, built to adapt to architectural needs, consisting of leading edge linear washers, grazers, and ambient luminaires. The simplicity of the design required a simple approach to the configuration of the products online. Coperon Technologies designed and implemented a product configurator to manage the versatile possibilities every line of product proposes. The unlimited configurations are managed by Coperon Catalog Management solution that sets the rules required to make sure that options selected are compatible. The configured product datasheet is generated dynamically online to include the specific properties.

VICE is the product of more than 60 years of engineering and industrial experience poured into an uncompromised approach to functional design. The architectural linear range offers an unprecedented array of performing optics for interior and/or exterior applications. The brand’s innovative statement led to a number of prestigious awards, including: Light Middle East Award, German Design Award and Red Dot Award.
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