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Actualités de l'entreprise

Wever & Ducré website by Coperon



Wever & Ducré launched its website and online catalog relying on Coperon technology and expertise in supporting the lighting industry. The site was designed by Wever & Ducré and integrates Coperon search engine for product search and navigation.

In the backend, the Data Manager, Coperon Product Information Management (PIM), was deployed to manage the products technical information, with a CMS for the management of the corporate pages. Products technical specs were enriched and delivered by Coperon content team.


About Wever & Ducré

A long-standing tradition as a manufacturer of excellent lighting concepts, combined with the striving for constant renewal, has always been at the core of Wever & Ducré's self-conception.

To know more about Wever & Ducré visit: http://wever-ducre.com/

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